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Holistic Dentistry San Francisco has been working as one the leading dental service providers in San Francisco Bay Area since 1992 and has established a well known name. We inspire to deliver the best results and top notch dentistry services to all our patients that make them smile bright and not just look beautiful but also feel beautiful.


There are numerous reasons why you should be choosing us for your dental care of which our dedication is on top of the list. We strive to offer the most affordable and good quality dentistry services as we firmly believe that a visit to the dentist should not be accompanied with pain, trauma and fear. We make sure that there is NO pain in all the services and procedures, and your ease is not compromised.


We also provide the exceptional and personalized care system that makes you feel well taken care off. Our patients always return with complete satisfaction and there is no doubt that our dental treatment is unmatchable. We have certainly set the bar in excellence in holistic dentistry in USA.

Special Services

We use Painless Dental Laser to treat periodontal disease, gums bleeding and bad breath. Our top quality cosmetics/esthetic restorations make teeth look natural to compliment person’s individuality and enhance smile.

Advanced Services and Atmosphere

Our office is a state of art, which completely charms our patients and makes a great impression and emotions of our patients with dental phobia. We use the best materials and equipment which is perfectly clean and we follow all the guidelines of the best sort of dental care. Our array of specialized services, top quality equipment, affordable rates, and a friendly atmosphere makes us the perfect choice for your dental care.

We Care

We understand how stressful and embarrassing could be dental visits especially for the kids and adults with bad dental experiences. We provide calm, stress free environment, where every patient is nurtured and comforted. We assure that NO DISCOMFORT or PAIN during dental procedures in our office. Our staff the most professional, sincere and warm people and you will be treated like a family.

We Offer Holistic Dentistry

We provide Holistic-Natural-Biocompatible-Organic-Nontoxic Specialized Quality Dental Treatments. We use only neutral for the body, non toxic dental materials. We adopted special unique protocol for removing old amalgam (mercury) fillings and replacing them with natural tooth colored organic materials. We take tests for materials bio-compatibility, mercury and methyl mercury poisoning from inorganic or organomercury compounds. We make recommendations regarding mercury and heavy metals chelation therapy (removing heavy metals from the body).

BOTOX® Therapy Treatment

Dr. Niderman is pleased to be one of the few dentists to offer Botox® injections to treat symptoms of teeth grinding (bruxism) and TMJ. When Botox® is applied to the jaw or face, it can relax the muscles and helps to reduce the severity of unpleasant side effects that result from teeth grinding, including migraines, facial pains, jaw discomfort, and masseter muscle hypertrophy.

One Stop Dental Services

We have all dental services in one place. Where ever you have an emergency or need implants, veneers, Invisalign®, teeth whitening, gum treatment, extractions, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, onlays/inlays, pediatric dentistry or just regular cleanings to maintain Dental Health for you and your kids. You can have it all at Holistic Dentistry San Francisco.

About Us


"I went to this dentist after leaving my last. Dr. Niderman was super nice, and careful which is very important for me with any dentist I go to see. His staff is lovely, and always showing they care about their patients. Great prices, great service, and Dr. Niderman is definitely someone I would recommend to everyone!"

Danielle - Yelp Review

“Fantastic place to get your dental needs met! The dentist is very through and has taken care of multiple issues I've had with my teeth. The prices were great too, so much less $$ than other offices in downtown SF.”

Sam - Yelp Review

"I used to have goosebumps when received a teeth cleaning reminder. Dr. Niderman and his team are the best. Very careful with sensitive areas, gentle with any procedures. I felt relaxed and appreciate all of their hard work."

Aleksey - Yelp Review

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Tel: (415) 564-8330

Holistic Dentistry San Francisco

2310 Judah Street

San Francisco, CA 94122

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