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BOTOX® Therapy Treatment

Dr. Niderman of Holistic Dental Center of San Francisco is pleased to be one of the few dentists to offer Botox® injections to treat symptoms of teeth grinding (bruxism) and TMJ. When Botox® is applied to the jaw or face, it can relax the muscles and helps to reduce the severity of unpleasant side effects that result from teeth grinding, including migraines, facial pains, jaw discomfort, masseter muscle hypertrophy, and more.

Other teeth grinding treatments include prescription medications and mouth guards. While medication is effective in some patients, it may not provide any relief for other patients. On the other hand, mouth guards are effective at reducing dental damage but fail to reduce uncomfortable side effects like jaw pain or migraines.

Learn more about Botox® for therapeutic concerns by contacting Holistic Dental Center of San Francisco and scheduling an appointment.

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